The Not-So-Grand Entrance of Hope

If you haven’t experienced hope reenter your life yet, know it’s coming.

Just when you are getting used to your grief, hope creeps into your life. You almost forget to welcome it as you are so accustomed to your pain and hurt. 
But then one day you do realize, as many have said, that pain and hope and even joy, happiness, laughter and love can all live simultaneously within you.  
You never thought you could feel such contrasting emotions at once.
“How did I get here?” you ask yourself. 
It took work to “grieve well.” 
It took work to allow yourself to feel all the emotions. 
It took work to not beat yourself up. 
It took work to learn from others who have been down a similar path. 
It took work to acknowledge your pain, 
to look out for your grief triggers, 
to take care of yourself, 
to kick the habit of saying “what if..”.

Look out for the little things

If you haven’t experienced hope’s not-so-grand entrance into your life yet, know it’s coming. It may not aggressively roll into your life. Instead, it may appear slowly. Look out for the little things. You may find pieces of hope in the character of an animal, an unexpected melody, an aroma that brings back a memory, or through a person in your life.  
Know that things will change.

“And suddenly you know, It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”  

We are all capable and worthy of hope and happiness in life. The ability to love life is possible.
We wish you strength in your grief journey.

A Reading Suggestion

In his latest book, Loving from the Outside In, Mourning from the Inside Out, Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt shares the commonalities of love and grief, and explores ways to “grieve well.”
One reader’s review, “Your book was quite simply the most beautiful book I have ever read. It was honest, enchanting, and gave me hope that the rest of my days will not be so dark as they are now.”
– Megan from Ontario, Canada