Funeral Options

Read from the options below to find out what funeral style is right for you.

Active & Unique Memorial Celebration

A unique celebration of life sounds right to you. You want your family and friends to have time together, sharing in a memory, meal or activity. You live your life with joy and laughter and enjoy celebrations of all kinds. You can’t imagine not doing the same for your funeral. Your funeral will reflect your unique personality. Your memorial service may consist of poems and stories. Perhaps you have loved ones play the last round of golf together or take a final motorcycle ride. Or the final goodbyes might be distinguished by a balloon or dove release, or maybe even a paper lantern send off. If you choose burial, your casket may be custom designed. If you opt for cremation, your remains may be dispersed into the wind, sea or special garden while your loved ones will erect a memorial bench in your honor. No matter the details, your life will be uniquely remembered forever!

Traditional, Full-Service Funeral

You’re traditional, and your funeral service will be classic and timeless. A traditional service has three parts; the viewing, funeral service, and graveside service. Your friends and family will gather at your visitation, surrounded by beautiful flower arrangements, not only to mourn, but also share memories and celebrate your life. Your service will likely be held in a church, with Amazing Grace or other hymns providing a soundtrack to your memories. Readings and stories of your life will be shared, and candles will be lit in your honor. Your family and friends will decorate your grave or memorial site with flowers, and fondly remember your life well lived! You understand the importance of a full-service funeral and what it offers those grieving as well as finding comfort in it’s tradition. You have been to funerals that you know that the best part is bringing together friends and family so that the grieving and healing process can begin.

Intimate Memorial Service

Your tastes are simple and modest, yet you understand the importance of both a traditional funeral service and also a celebration of life gathering. You feel most comfortable around your closest family and friends. Your service setting will be reminiscent of cafe or coffeeshop, with food, drinks and an elegant yet intimate feel. Your loved ones will share warm stories and memories of your time together. Smiles and laughter will complement the tears. You don’t want to make a big fuss but you know the key to a service is providing a space for friends and family to be together and start the healing process.

Natural Funeral

Your tastes are simple and modest, with a sensibility for environmental consciousness. If you choose to be buried, you may opt for a bamboo or biodegradable casket. If you opt for cremation, you may wish to have your cremated remains scattered in the forest or a garden. You might choose to donate your body to science or your organs to those in need. You’ll be forever remembered for your selflessness and impact on those around you.