The Meaning of Flowers

Beauty & significance

Flowers represent beauty and thought, and through tradition have become a meaningful gift for a grieving person. Flowers are often gifted before funeral services as well as the weeks after, and especially on an anniversary or other significant date.

See what the most common flowers represent and symbolize. Then, make a more informed choice when gifting flowers to a grieving person in your life.


This photo specifically shows white calla lilies. Lilies, in general, are one of the most popular funeral flowers. White lilies represent innocence being returned to the soul after death. They are also known as sympathy flowers and can represent femininity. The potted Peace Lily Plant is a good to send to someone grieving since it will last nicely in one’s home or office, and represents the same qualities as the lily.

Known for their strong scent. These flowers represent beauty, purity, grace, and even calmness. Their color represents femininity. Like their smell, they are valued for their soothing, elegance and healing properties. A nice gift for those who you know enjoy the lavender-scent.

Symbolizes royalty, wisdom, and valor. They are seen as cut flowers or potted. Iris’ mythology dates back to the Ancient Greek Goddess, Iris, who personified a rainbow and acted as the link between heaven and earth.

Also known as simply Mums, in general they represent joy and optimism. Red mums represent love and passion, yellow sorrow and white loyalty. In the United States, Chrysanthemums are known as the “queen of fall flowers.”

Symbolizing friendship and devotion. Similar in shape to a lily, often called the Peruvian Lily. This popular flower can be found in a range of colors.

The most common white daisy with yellow center symbolize innocence and purity. They also mean to portray “the innocent hearts of children.” Daisies of color represent cheerfulness and life. Daisies are even medicinal, found in salads and their tea helps treat coughs, inflammation and more.

These delicate flowers represent both innocence, friendship and thoughtfulness. They also give off a nice citrus scent, thought to relieve stress and promote relaxation.

The flower that most symbolizes love. Individual rose colors also hold their own meanings. Roses in general when used at funerals also represent grief, sadness, and mourning. If you include a single rose within a funeral arrangement, it expresses deep love for the deceased.

Commonly seen in funeral wreaths, these flowers’ meaning vary depending on the color. Pink specifically are said to represent Virgin Mary’s tears and therefore maternal love. In general, they are referred to as the flower of the gods, and represent most love and gratitude.  

Similar to the rose in that it represents love. Often meaning “perfect love,” and expresses a sweet charm. Since tulips are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, they are also signs of rebirth.


Delicate and graceful, this flower represents love, beauty, strength.  Orchids are associated with the phrase “I will always love you.” The orchid, planted, lasts longer and does well in a home or office.

Most often is in connection with gratitude, heartfelt emotion, either joy or sadness, and even apology. Hydrangea’s range in color; pink, blue, white and purple due to the soil’s acidity. Because of their different colors and meanings, they are used for many different occasions, including funerals and in times of grieving.